Your witnessing of experience belongs to five core components of a therapeutic model called SIBAM:

  1. Somatic – body tension, heat, relaxation
  2. Images – internal (memory, dreams, metaphors) or external (an object in the room)
  3. Behaviour – posture, facial expressions, speech, breathing, movements
  4. Affect – feelings and emotions
  5. Meaning – beliefs, judgments, thoughts, analysis – often expressed through words

In therapy, inquiry into how you witness your experience can be valuable to gain insight into habitual ways you may compromise your appreciation of being.

The compromise means you have become either too connected to some, such that the same old pattern keeps appearing; or disconnected from others, in which you’re numbed and possibly no longer able to experience them.

Suffering stress, shock or trauma can cut through your sense of self. When that happens your processing of components of experience may become disassociated and remain compromised.


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