I have a postgraduate qualification in Psychotherapy and a diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. Age 40, I have practiced talk therapy for over seven years and hold accredited professional registrations.

I am analytically minded and my aim is to encourage the articulation of your past and present experience. During our initial session we will determine the goals you are looking to achieve in therapy and how we may approach them.

Together we will explore thoughts and feelings, building a picture to make meaning of your situation. To serve in elaborating your experience, I will inquire, interpret or challenge with regard, respect and humour always valuing the importance of an authentic therapeutic relationship.

We can identify what may be denied, misconstrued or confused, recognise and safely work with numbness, disassociation, anxiety, depression and even trauma, exploring new ways to relate to difficult feelings – fear, grief, guilt, shame, hate and anger.

I favour an integrative, person centred and psychodynamic approach. If appropriate I can share with you some of the theory, providing an intuitive set of concepts to understand how and why you function the way you do.

Sometimes it is not just what is within our minds but also body posture, tension, breathing and expression which can indicate confusion, suppression or disconnection. Having also trained in somatic therapies I can help you recognise how body aspects, if unnoticed, could work contrary to the achievement of your goals.


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